Three-Globe Lamp Posts

They cast a lovely glow at dusk over historic streets, providing the perfect ambiance for an evening stroll.
The Lewisburg three-globe lamp posts are Lewisburg landmarks; their style complements the well-preserved architectural heritage of the town and signals visitors that they’ve arrived at a very special place.

Lewisburg residents Miranda and Dick McGinnis were visiting Canterbury several years ago. Miranda, an exceptional Lewisburg Downtown Partnership volunteer, sported a tote bag featuring the Lewisburg logo. A stranger approached and said, “I see you’re from Lewisburg. My alma mater is Bucknell.” When Miranda asked how he identified them, the gentleman answered, “I recognized the lamp post on your bag.”

Installation of the cast iron lamp standards began in 1912 when Market Street was paved with brick. The lamp posts were originally placed only on Market Street and were produced at that time by Westinghouse, who stopped production sometime in the 1940s or 1950s. The borough of Lewisburg engaged the nearby Watsontown Foundry to make a mold using an original street lamp. Today they number nearly 1500 and are still manufactured at the Watsontown Foundry and wired by Citizen’s Electric Company of Lewisburg.

Flower baskets adorn the historic three globe lamp posts

Starting in 2016 our lamp posts have been adorned by beautiful flower baskets that have immediately become iconic in themselves and lend a new warmth and charm to Lewisburg's downtown.  Maintaining these baskets is a responsibility of the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership.  If you wish to make a donation to support our flower baskets click HERE.

A Special Thank You to the Core Sponsors of the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership